Jul 26, 2016

Restaurant Review - Gallery Cafe, Hyatt Place, Gurgaon

Live Kitchen at Hyatt
Live Kitchen at Hyatt
 We think about 5 star hotels and we never think about their food. The comfortable stay is the USP right? Hyatt Place is the new chain , a brand of Hyatt that’s breaking this myth. ‘Place’ is the sub-brand which focuses on lesser frills better stay and better prices kind of idea. And to top it they have a great buffet options. They have themes for each fortnight so the guests as well as other customers can have a variety to choose from without getting bored with same menu month after month.

I got a chance to attend a dinner even there last Sunday when they were running a ‘Bollywood’ theme. They have a huge parking space of course, right near the entrance. Sprawling lawns around give it a great relaxed look. As soon as we entered, we were welcomed into a brightly lit lobby with dessert counters and a vending machine with ready to eat meals. (Good concept for those late night hunger pangs when no a-la carte is available)

They have a wide sitting area spred across multiple sections for any informal/formal meetings the guests might wanna have. The lobby gives way to the dining area at the extreme left. The seating is quite enough with atleast 10-15 dining table, buffet tables and a live counter.

The menu started with many different varieties of salads and soups such as ‘Kashmir ki kali’, and ‘se-chennai express’.
The starters were varied from Indian mughlai to the continental varieties such as teriyaki fish, steamed chicken and noodles.
Also present were ‘Shammi kebab’, and Jackie C-HEN !
Main course had butter chicken aptly called Murgh Bemisaal, daal shakaal, Bachhan ki paneer khurchan, Hum saag-saag hain, hum aapke hain prawn and many more.
We all had a great time just dscussing names of dishes and savouring them!
They also had a separate section with paani poori, chaat, chole kulche and lassi. Chole were yummy and lassi was oh so refreshing.
Desserts menu was interesting and really varied.
They had kulfi in a kulhad, gulab jamun, kheer and shahi tukda in indian cuisine.
In western desserts they had a mud cake, trifle, chocolate brownie, walnut cake, Bavarian pasty, black currant pastry and so many ice creams with choice of nuts and toppings.
The waiters served our mocktails on the table. This variety isn’t that great. I tried the orange juice mocktail which was superb-best ever. We all ordered doubles. It was plain orange juice with orange wedges and some sprite and mint. Really amazing.

The price for this menu was roughly around 1300Rs, which is on the higher side generally, but for a grand five star buffet experience it’s alright I guess.
Look at the pics and see for yourself. 
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Chicken Curry

Kulhad Kulfi

Orange Mocktail

Shahi Tukda

Chole Kulche


Jul 20, 2016

Restaurant Review - The Chatter House, Khan Market, New Delhi

My first time at Khan market since the many weeks that I’d moved here from Bangalore!
Busy streets and small entrances to the restaurants – give an impression of a small quiet place – But Chatter house was different! Straight on entering, the stairs take you to the first floor where you see quaint seating by a huge round window and a well-stocked bar. They have more seating on their 2nd floor, which is bright and well lit esp with big window and no bar. I felt this area was best suited when you’re on a date or reading alone with your drink and food.
Me and my friends took the seating by the interesting window (check pics) and placed the order. Being a big group we had the advantage of ordering may things on the menu. I’ll come straight to food ( and some drinks) which was the highlight –

Prawn and Pork – This dish came on a platter with a pork belly piece and prawn on a skewer. 4 of these on a plate. The pork skin was delicious with a nice sweet glaze.
Spicy Pork Belly Bao – this was simply a bao pocket filled with spicy pork belly cooked with caramelized onions and bell peppers. 2 of these on a plate – enough for 2 people.
Barbeque chicken wings – Fried and sauce chicken wings covered in seasame seeds – the beer lovers were happy with their combo.
Chicken Peri Peri – This was spicy in a good way – didn’t make us teary with chilis, yet I could taste the red chili. Not for you if you like it less hot.
Dahi Ke Kebab – Least favorite as it tasted too sour. Felt like they made it from cheese instead of curd. Avoidable I should say.
Butter chicken Pizza – This was the only average dish on the table. I felt the veg pizza is better than this as the crust was way too soft for a pizza and it tasted more like naan and butter chicken.
**Mediterranean Prawns – this was my favorite dish in the main course. Well-cooked prawns in southern style reg gravy served with some bread and a salad. Must try.
**Another must try dish is their Mutton Keema and pav. Hearty flavorful mutton keema served with 3 sliced pavs. Enough for 3-4 people to serve as starters on the table, or it can serve as main course for 2.
**If you’re a fish love, you must try their Grilled Sole Fish served on risotto rice. Finger licking good – though I had it with a fork ;)

All this yummy food was gulped down with following cocktails –
White wine sangria – I usually have red wine, but as they only had port that day, so I gave white a try. Very interesting with lots of chopped apples and pear.
Pina colada – this is for beginners and on a much sweeter side. Order only if you like the flavor of coconut.
Chatter Sunrise – beautiful looking cocktail which is their twist on normal tequila sunrise.
Blue Devil – made with curacao and vodka/Gin. Refreshing and interesting.

The meal came to an end with Apple crumble which was average, and the gooey chocolate cake which was delicious. They serve it with coffee ice-cream which cuts the sweetness of the dessert and tastes amazing.
We came down from this place after spending hours gorging on the food and already planning when we’ll be back for more. 
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