Jun 24, 2016

Restaurant Review - Church Street Social, Bangalore,India

Grilled Chicken

This review had been due for a while and today that I miss Bangalore after being away for a month, thought I’d pay a tribute with this.
Church street social was one of the first of its kind in Bangalore, with its chilled out atmosphere which is perfect for catching up with friends as well as for a date or even a formal meeting (albeit only in the afternoons this one!).

I had a tasting meet by Black dog to attend few months back when I got a chance to try their new brunch menu.
It was a sunny Sunday and the place welcomed me with its cool interiors.
The music was playing and I could feel the hustle bustle of people lazying around and waiters running about.

This is how the brunch journey unfolded -

Drunken Dates Pancakes
Drunken Dates pancakes with maple syrup - I still remember the taste of alcohol in my mouth so yes, the pancakes were really drunk! The dish was quite filling in itself and I only had half of it to save some appetite. The pancakes were thick, wholesome and well cooked. Combination of dates on pancakes was unique but interesting.

Pork sausages
Feiry Chooza Pops – as the name suggests, they were basically chicken poppers, with curry leaves. Andhra twist if I may say so. Very appetizing and went very well with my mojito.

Fiery Chicken Poppers

Steaks and Eggs with Paprika Butter – The steak is easy to undercook or overcook, and the team managed the perfect balance. They were tiny steak bites, with pepper butter sauce. It was not spicy or heavy on the palette. Good breakfast meal.

Pork Wurstel with Spiced Mustard Crème Sauce – Twisty name for pork sausages, but a delight they were. A little on the thicker side, but good for a hearty breakfast menu. Very flavourful and went well with the mustard sauce on the side.

Roast Chicken with veggies – This was by far my favorite on the menu. A huge piece of chicken thigh, perfectly marinated, then broiled and grilled, Served with roasted veggies on the side in a very inventive steel plate. The colors just popped in the setting. A piece of art to look at and was equally juicy and succulent. They can easily have it on their lunch menu too. Must try.

The deserts arrived when the tummy was already filled upto the brim but I could not resist their Fruit Parfait and the Plum Pudding. The desserts sadly were not as great as the brunch main courses, but I wasn’t complaining after that hearty meal they treated me to.

They also have a lot of other breakfast options available such as the English breakfast with variety of eggs and toast and bakes beans.

A fun place to be any day of the week, esp weekends if you’re a cocktail and music fan, or Sunday mornings if you wanna have a lazy brunch.


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