Jan 28, 2013

Managing it All: Tips for Working Mothers

I know this post is a little out of place for a food blog, but I felt this might be the right place for it as many moms use this site and am sure most of them are working. (I believe being a homemaker is infact a strenuous full-time Job 24x7). I’ve had a few friends, relatives, and bosses with kids and they keep saying working and managing a baby at home is impossible without a full-time helper or a maid. Well, in today’s cases, keeping a fulltime maid/nanny might not be a good idea for financial or security reasons. So why not have some ideas to help ease out things for you? Do read, maybe you’ll find a trick that can make you a ‘Super-Duper Mom’! (All moms are super moms by default!)

Managing it all: some tips for working mothers
While a man may get away with working in the office all day, a working woman who is also a part of a family has to power through, almost every day of her life. Not only does she need to keep up her expected level of performance at work, she also has to ensure the smooth-running of the household, the safety and care of her children, and that time for the family is not compromised in any way. It can get very difficult for working mothers and wives to manage their lives and lead both their working lives and domestic lives successfully. However, this lifestyle, while it may be difficult, is not impossible. A few smart management tricks ensure the smooth functions of all areas of a working-woman’s life. For working mothers especially, things get much tougher with regards to bringing up the children. But it can be done, if a few things are followed.

A routine:  A routine is a must-have for someone who has such a packed life, where almost everything is a priority. Every little detail should be penned down on the routine, and one should be made for everyday of the week, keeping the exceptions in mind for each day. This helps reduce mental clutter and it also helps put things in perspective.

Keep small pockets of rest in between:  When you know you have to run around from one place to another all day long, and that “you’re a superwoman” is not literally true, you should get as much rest as you can, when you can. Learn how to take power naps, and take one on your way back from work, or even during work if time permits it. Get some shut-eye or just some relaxed time by yourself, even if it is for five minutes.
Keep a chart for meals: We almost always end up spending a lot of time thinking about what to make for lunch, breakfast, dinner, etc. Keep a meal chart for your family, and consult the meal chart in order to not waste too much time wondering what to make. You will also not end up cooking what you cooked for dinner two weeks ago.
Focus on each task individually: At the office and at home, one should always focus on each and every task individually, and make sure that they are carried off properly. This saves a lot of time in the long run, because if you do shoddy work, you will have to repeat those tasks.
You must always be clear about why you’re doing certain things, and why they’re essential. Do not burden yourself with unnecessary tasks which you need not do on a regular basis.
Talk to your husband: Talking to your husband as well as your children, and telling them that they need to share responsibility is something which should be a natural thing to do, but which most women use as a last resort. Do not reach a burn-out phase and then talk to your family. Tell them how they too, need to take up some work in order to ensure the smooth running of the house. 

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