Oct 17, 2012

Fasting Food - Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada
This is one of the most favorite breakfast in whole of maharasthra and can be found in all of those little local streetside joints. It’s basically a fried tapioca cutlet or the sabudana wada/vada. It’s made exactly like the daal wada, just the main ingredient is sabudana here. The recipe is very similar to the sabudana khichdi, the only difference being, instead of stir frying, this one is deep fried. You can have this for breakfast or as an evening snack esp during the fasting days.

Serves 4
Cooking time 20 mins

Potatoes 2
Sabudana 1 cup
Peanuts ½ cup
Green chili 1 (more if you like spicy)
Jeera / cumin 1 tsp
Garam masala ½ tsp
Dry coriander powder ½ tsp
Red chili powder ¼ tsp
Saenda namak (salt for fast) To Taste
Oil for deep frying

How to make sabudana Vada / Tapioca Cutlets
  • Soak the sabudana overnight in ¾ cup water.
  • Boil the potatoes. Peel and mash with hands.
  • Crush the peanuts with a pestle or in a blender.
  • In a bowl, mix together the sabudana, potatoes, chopped green chilies, crushed peanuts, all the spices, jeera and salt.
  • Mix well, but take not to mash the sabudana.
  • Make small cutlets or tikkis with this mixture and keep in a plate. Rub a few drops of oil on your palms so the mixture doesn’t stick.
  • Heat the oil in a pan for deep frying.
  • Fry the cutlets till they get crisp and golden brown.
  • Take out on a paper napkin to soak excess oil.
  • Serve hot with coriander chutney, cold curd or raita.

Chef’s Raita Tip
Take a cup of hung curd. Add salt, red chili powder, and ground roasted cumin powder. Mix well and serve as a tasty relish with the vadas.


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