Oct 10, 2012

I feel like Sachin! Thank you all.

Thank you for the 100 centuries!

I know now what Sachin must’ve felt like! (Not quite the same though :-))
Reaching the 10,000 views mark in 2 months was not an easy feat. It took diligence and giving the readers what they really need. The recipe world is really widespread online and the amount of content is mindboggling. Still, to make a small place myself there, I am trying to win over the hearts and culinary buds of my readers! These 10,000 views make me believe I’m going in the right direction.
With a promise to keep writing and giving my readers a worth for their time on my blog, I sign off to start cooking. (That’s all I do when I’m excited!)

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Sending lots of Love, Cheers, Taste, Flavours and Yumminess your way,



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