Sep 8, 2012

Top 10 Cuisines of the World

World's Top 10 Cuisines

    The list is taken from the website of Howard Hillman. He is a world traveler and writes on travel, world cuisines, and world wonders since decades. He’s been making a list of top cuisines since 1968 trying out food at all the places he visited. The above list is recently developed by him after travelling over a million miles! Even lonely planet and tourists and travel enthusiasts all over the globe prefer his lists, so now you have a new reason to travel more, and eat more – try out all the new food you can. It’s never gonna do you any harm, it’ll just open up your taste buds to so many newer horizons to explore!

1.     Chinese
a.     Chinese
b.    Cantonese
c.     Fukien
d.    Hunan
e.     Jangzu
f.       Mandarin
g.     Shandong
h.    Shanghai
i.       Sichuan
j.       Tibetan
k.     Yunnan
l.       Classical Chinese cuisine

2.           French
a.     French
b.    Alsace Lorraine
c.     Bordeaux
d.    Brittany
e.     Burgundy
f.       Normandy
g.     Provence
h.    More French regional cuisines

3.              Italian
a.     Italian
b.    Campania
c.     Emilia Romagna
d.    Latium
e.     Liguria
f.       Lombardy
g.     Piedmont
h.    Sardinia
i.       Sicily
j.       Tuscany
k.     Veneto

4.       Indian
a.     Indian
b.    Mumbai
c.     Kashmir
d.    Goa
e.     Kerala
f.       Punjab
g.     Tamil Nadu


5.           Japanese

6.             Moroccan

7.             Spanish
a.     AndalucĂ­a
b.    Basque
c.     Catalonia
d.    Madrid & environs
e.     Valencia
f.       Other regional

8.          Thai

9.      Turkish

10.       Indonesia


  1. I have been in Morocco 2 years ago and food was delicious, just AMAZING, I think it is not very recognized and it is still unknown but it is one of the best cuisines, I will visit Morocco soooon!!



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