Sep 12, 2012

Chocolate Banana Cake

Chocolate Banana Cake
Chocolate Banana Cake

This is a really simple and tasty cake, which you can even bake for a birthday party, and for adding a party feel, you can even cut it into layers and fill with some icing. It’s just another version of the Banana Bread. Dense and surprisingly easy, your home will smell lovely once the oven times out, with this rich chocolaty fruity fragrance!

Serves 4
Cooking Time 1 hour
2 ripe Bananas
1 ½ cup flour/ Maida
¾ cup sugar

1 egg
Milk 1 Tbsp
Hot Water 2 Tbsp
Cocoa Powder 1 tbsp
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
Butter ½ cup ( salted or unsalted both work fine)
Baking powder 1 tsp
Baking soda ½ tsp

  • PreHeat the oven to 180 degree C or 350 F.
  • Get the butter and egg to room temperature. (Very important for any baking)
  • In a mixer or with electric whisk, mix bananas, sugar, butter, vanilla essence and egg till they make a smooth paste.
  • Take it out in a bowl, and fold in flour, cocoa powder, milk, hot water, baking powder and baking soda till you get a ribbony consistency and make a smooth shiny paste. Add a little more milk to adjust consistency if required.
  • Grease a baking tin with butter. You can take a big round tray. Please note, take the tin so that it gets only half full with the batter.
  • Bake in the over at 170 C or 340 F for 1 hour. Check after 45 mins by inserting a knife in the middle, and it should come out clean. If required, bake for additional 10 mins till the crust gets light brown.
  • Once baked, take it out of the tin by gently clearing the sides using a spoon handle or knife, and turning it upside down on a grill rack. Let it cool for atleast 30 mins before cutting into slices.
  • Serve hot with ice cream or just like that! 

Click here to see Banana Bread recipe.

Made in round shape for a birthday party

Always keep the cake in airtight container if keeping in fridge.


  1. Wowwwww!!!!! looks yummy I want taste it now dear...

    1. Then you got to try it out today :) I'm sure your kid will love this as well! It's really simple, and after making the batter, oven does all the work! :)

  2. Looks yummy. Can i omit the egg? as banana is supposed to be a good egg-replacer?

    1. Banana is not always a good egg substitute, but you can omit the egg and sugar both, and 3/4 cup Milkmaid / condensed milk in its place. Make you best/whisk it very well.

  3. Wow.....looks yummy! Looks very good. Well done. The steps are easy to understand.

  4. I do not like banana, so can i avoid putting it simply ? and go with the above method as it is , skipping the banana as an ingredient? rest remains exactly the same ?

    1. Yes you can omit the banana for a plain chocolate cake. Just reduce the baking time to 45mins. You can also omit the chocolate and add nuts and tutty fruity to have a fruit cake! :)

  5. This looks DELICIOUS!!!! If only i had know about this recipe before the FruChoc Party!
    What a perfect addition this would be. I am definitely going to have to try out this mouth is watering just thinking about it!



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