Aug 15, 2012

Suji ka Halwa ( Semolina Pudding)

Serves: 4
Cooking Time: 20 mins

1 Cup Semolina (Suji)
1 ¼ Cup Sugar
¾ cup Ghee (Don’t use oil)
2 Cardamoms
½ cup nuts – Almonds, Cashew and Raisins
 4 cups water

To Remember:
If you want to make it for lesser or more number of people, just keep these ratios same:-
Sugar = Suji (can increase or decrease sugar slightly as per taste)
Water = 4 times Suji
Ghee = Slightly less than Suji

1.      Put the ghee in a wok or a frying pan (preferably NOT non-stick so it’s easier to see when the Suji is done).
2.      Once slightly warm, put the Suji in and stir gently so that the Suji is incorporated in the ghee, and the mixture resembles bread crumbs. Keep the gas always on the lowest flame as Suji burns easily.
3.      Keep stirring every few seconds so that Suji doesn’t get burnt or stick to the bottom.
4.      On the other flame, put another pan and boil the water. Add sugar and cardamom seeds to this boiling water. Turn off the stove once the sugar dissolves.
5.      Keep stirring the Suji in the ghee till it turns slightly golden (not brown) and gives a distinct smell.
6.      At this point, just stir for 1-2 mins more, and while stirring add the hot water with the sugar into the pan through a sieve (to filter any impurities in the sugar and the seeds).
7.      Continuously add stirring to avoid any lump formation. Even if you find water is a b it too much, don’t worry as the Suji will absorb it all.
8.      Once it’s slightly reduced, add the nuts and turn off the gas. Mix the nuts in. Serve hot.

P.S. The Halwa keep getting thicker and sets as it starts to cool. You can always put it in small paper cups and once cool; you can de-mould or serve in a cup itself!

Chef tip: Tastes best when hot and right after taking off the stove. It sets if left for too long. You can add a tsp of ghee and put in microwave for 2 mins if preparing beforehand.


  1. This is well tested and tried one... every navratras this is a must... and also on a rainy day... superb Indian way of having it is to combine it with Hot Puris and Black Channas cooked Dry...Yummm....

    Ashima thanks for putting it here... it brought taste and craving to make it...Lolz...

    1. Then you should definitely try it again :) and lemme know if there's any variation to this that you do. I remember the 'Kanjak' time during Navratras when all the little girls just roam around having pooris and halwa and collecting gifts :) Yes,that was the time when I first learned the recipe.



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