Aug 28, 2012

Creamy Coffee - Hand Beaten Dalgona Coffee

Hand-beaten Coffee 

Can you believe I had this recipe for Dalgona coffee on my blog since August 2012!! 💁Yes since 8 years!! Well, before it started getting called a name :) We simply used to call it the hand beaten coffee. Here's a refresher.
Blenders and mixers make life easier, but what can be done with hand is unmatched! That’s the reason mortar and pestles still sell
J These days we get a lot of products in market from various brands like Nestle and funfoods that make frothy cappuccino, or we can always have a drive to our nearest CCD, Costa coffee, Java or Mocha J What if you can have that taste, that front and that yummy creaminess at home, at almost 1/20th the price J All you need is some strength in your hand to beat the coffee for a few mins. Best way out – ask your husband, boyfriend, friend, or brother to do that work, telling them - “Mehnat ka phal meetha hota hai! – Fruit of labor is sweet!” 

Serves:  4
Preparation Time - 15 Mins
3 tsp Instant Coffee powder – I suggest ‘Bru’ as Nescafe gets too strong sometimes, but you can use any of your favorite coffees. Increase/decrease the coffee depending on whether you like it mild or strong.
5 spoonfuls of granulated Sugar – Don’t use sugar cubes or powdered sugar or sugar free ( Adjust sugar as you like, I’m assuming minimum 1 spoon per cup)
4 cups Milk
1 spoon Water J

  • Take a small steel cup,glass made of steel or plastic, or a sturdy ceramic mug. (Thin ceramic or bonechina can crack sometimes)
  • Put in the cup the sugar, coffee and water. Please be careful, add ONLY 1 spoon of water.
  • Now with a steel spoon, start mixing and whipping the mixture.
  • You might find the mixture too grainy, but don’t worry as after a few seconds it’ll start getting creamier. This is because sugar also has water inside it and it starts losing water, making the mixture more liquid with time.
  • Keep beating it for total of 10-12 mins or till the sugar dissolves 90% or completely. You’ll notice that the mixture starts to change color from dark brown to very light brown as you go on mixing.
  • Meanwhile, keep the milk to boil.
  • After your mixture is ready, pour 4 cups of milk. Don’t fill them too high.
  • Now take 4 small dessert spoons.
  • Take a spoonful of the mixture with the spoon and just put that spoon in the cup. Just stir only once, and don’t take the spoon out.
  • Creamy Coffee is ready! That’s the fun of this coffee – when you keep stir it later as you drink it, it makes more froth and tastes delicious.
  • Make 4 cups. Sprinkle a little chocolate powder and serve hot with cookies or just like that on a winter evening or a lazy Sunday morning!


  1. i remember tis coffee...uv made it once in our room...!!! :D

  2. I made this coffee today . It was creamy n frothy till d last sip turned out to b similar to ccd s hot cafe latte

    1. Thank you so much :) I'm glad the recipe helped u enjoy your hot coffee, and I hope you're joining the site too so all the recipes reach your inbox as soon I write em :)Keep cooking,and so leave me suggestions and feedback at

  3. certainly a nice way to put a gourmet-ish twist to everyday coffee lol I'll give this a go sometime soon :)

  4. I love coffee and I'm definitely trying this



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