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No matter how much is the recession, people have to eat. And as I always say, Good Food is like meditation, for the one who eats it and for the one who cooks it as well.
Taste and Flavours blog, always tries its best to give our readers the best in Indian Food. We ensure that the readers get the detailed recipes with pics so after trying a few recipes, is like a short crash course in Indian Cooking.  From time to time, we also publish recipes which are popular across the globe like Chinese and Italian.
The blog is relatively new but still as you can see from the cluster maps, it has found a good foothold in India, US and UK. The language used is English only, and we make sure we give English translations for the food ingredients as well so it’s easy for the readers. Due to this, there is a definite repeat readership for the blog.
Like all businesses, we too need funds for registration fee of domains, space, electricity, internet bills, etc. To fund this, we do not believe in donation and as you will see, we do not have any ‘Donate’ button. We will be more than happy to offer you space on the blog to advertise your products/brands and we being a new blog, would even work extra hard to make the page accessible to the target audience your  brand looks for.
Salient points
1.   Our target readers are mainly located in India, US and UK.
2.   Major audience comprises 65% females in the age group 25-34 tears of age. (These are the decision makers in the household and if you have a worthy product, you’ll surely be noticed!)
3.   The products/Brand we can effectively advertise on the blog:
a.    Food related, Grocery stores, Fine foods, Wines, Gourmet food retail chains.
b.   Confectionary, Cake shops, Online Gift Stores
c.    Retail chains for Jewellery, Home appliances, Cosmetics, Apparel, Toys.
d.   Travel related – Hotels, Trains, Flights, Holiday packages etc
4.   The ad can be image, flash or a video as well. 
5.   The location/ position on the page can be varied and not necessarily the space shown on the homepage as of now.
6.   The pricing for the same can be discussed based on the size and type of the advertisement.
7.   The payment options are monthly and annually through Paypal only.

Please email me at with the details and we can discuss further. 

Hoping to have a mutually beneficial and growth oriented relationship with you.


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