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Finally I am Back!!!

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A big Thank you to everyone who visited my blog all this while as well as a big apology to the followers for being absent since some time now.

I was going through a lot in personal life as well as my ligament injury which restricted my movements and the time I could spend in the kitchen.

I am back now and shall post all of the recipes I had tried in the last few months, most of which were salads and assemblies of eggs and sausages :)

Because now I am almost on bed most times, so to keep myself fit, my focus shall be on healthy food. The last few weeks have made me realize the importance of this more than ever!

I will create a new section on the blog dedicated to 'Health, Fitness and Health Food'.

Keep following and keep visiting for amazing info coming your way soon!

Please post comments or email me your suggestions and any advice on what and how you'd like to see here.

Bon Appetite!
Loads of Love <3 p="">

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